Sunday, 30 October 2011

Saturday, 29 October 2011

A quick pattern!

I just created this pattern on Photoshop, Iv used duller colours than I usually sway towards as I like the rustic feel they give to this piece!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Beach huts!

I really loved the pink and green pattern i created (shown in the previous post!) so i decided to create this simple beach hut repeat using it!

Playing with patterns!

I created this pattern on Photoshop, I think this has worked really well, I love the triangular shapes and the bold pink and green colours.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Food colourant and bleach!

I created these colourful illustrations using food colourant, household bleach and biro pens, which i feel gives a beautiful unusual look!

..... sorry about the dark photos .. and I couldnt rotate the bottom photo!


Monday, 17 October 2011

Autumn Leaves


These simple leaf patterns were inspired by the cover page from Country living magazine October 2011 ( the page is shown behind the pattern.) The main reason this page stood out to me was because of the striking effect of the dark pink of the leaves contrasting beautifully with the rusty mustard yellow of the metal, I therefore used shades of these colours within my piece!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

More Pegs!

This is another of my peg repeats, this time in a green and purple colour scheme. Ive uploaded two versions of this repeat as I think it works well on a small and large scale!

Fabric Love!

Here's a couple of pics of some beautiful patterned fabrics that are bright, bold, colourful and inspiring!

A bit more A-level Coursework!

These are my final pieces for my gardening themed textile a-level project. I used a range of techniques to apply my fork and trowel repeat pattern on to fabric, and sewed into the majority of them to give texture and add colour!

A bit of A-level Coursework!

Although I made these pieces almost a year ago I'm still in love with the pattern and colours I created! The cushion has the pattern appliqued on, which gives it great texture and the table runner is screen printed for practicality!

Lucky Owls!

I recently went to an exhibition in the Geffrye Museum called 'At Home In Japan - Beyond The Minimal House.' This was a really interesting exhibition as it was jam packed with everything Japanese from kimonos to toothpaste packaging and everything in between! From this exhibition I learnt that owls and cats are believed to be lucky and to prevent malevolent spirits entering the home and causing misfortune... I have therefore created this simple repeat pattern using a couple of sketches of owls that I drew at the exhibition!

Bottled up love! #2

Completely forgot to upload this edit of my perfume bottle repeat! I love the bold and bright citrus greeny yellow background!

.... And after posting this I found another perfume edit that I love the feel of! .... its clear to see that this is my first day as a blogger!

Bottled up love!

I created this repeat from watercolour and biro drawings that I created as part of my  college project  'Intensive Drawing'.

Tea for two!

 I really loved the effect of the geometric style patterned background that I created  on PhotoShop for my peg repeat, so I decided to create this cute and simple teacup and saucer illustration to repeat on it!

Peg me up!

A couple of my patterns using clothes pegs as inspiration!

My first post!

So I've finnaallyy managed to start my own blog! and instead of blabbering on I'm going to get straight on with posting some of my work! =]