Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mock ups!

As I will be getting my fabric samples printed up soon, this week I have been experimenting with toiles of the products I will be making with my own fabric soon!

I find making mock ups or toiles very useful as they allow me to create paper patterns to use for future products and let me get the sizes and shapes of products correct!

I made my mock ups in plain cotton fabrics, in similar weights to the fabric my patterns will be printed on, to get an idea of how the final pieces will look.

I have mocked up 3 fully lined zipped pouches - one a small coin purse size, one a larger makeup bag/pencil case size and lastly a slightly larger bag with boxed bottom corners for use as a wash bag.

I have also created these two cushion mock ups, one a large square and one a smaller rectangular shape. These cushions both feature envelope closures on the back.