Monday, 29 April 2013

Pinterest love!!

I've been on Pinterest for over a year now and still find it completely inspirational and unbelievably practical and useful! ... which is saying a lot for a still fairly new website! The great thing about Pinterest is that it allows you to have a virtual mood board of hundreds... probably thousands of images all organised in to multiple collections and in the comfort of your desktop.
Another practical aspect of Pinterest is that it eliminates the need to keep bookmarking web pages, as well as 'downloading' or 'saving' images! It really is such a user friendly and easy site to use that I would recommend it to anyone... especially those who like hoarding inspirational ideas!
As well as uploading, saving or 'Pinning' your own images to your pinterest moodboards there is also a huge community of 'pinners' which you are able to follow and get even more ideas from as you are then able to 'repin' their pins!
All pins are 'public' on Pinterest so if you 'pin' a picture everyone who follows you or is on Pinterest maybe able to see your 'pin', however Pinterest has recently added a section called 'Secret Boards' where you can pin whatever you like in complete privacy!

Once you are signed up to Pinterest you are able to drag this little bookmark to your toolbar (with the rest of your bookmarks) this then allows you to simply click the button when you're on a picture that you want to 'Pin' and it does all the hard work for you and saves it to where you want! (shown using a search for cushions below!)

Once you have a few boards set up I'm sure you'll find it hard to resist adding pins from thousands of different websites, blogs and shops!
 Pinterest is particularly useful for projects, whether in the form of a college, uni or work project or simply a home re-decoration project, Pinterest allows you to group ideas together, accompanied with a link to the relevant website to give a clear and organised visual reference!

...Here's a few of my boards and pins!

... Happy Pinning!!

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