Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Wash Bags and Purses!

So this week Ive been hiding from the rain in my studio and have had fun making a couple of new product variations.
I have made coin purses before but I wanted to try using my shiny new woven brand labels, along with some gorgeous mustard/goldy coloured cotton lining fabric I bought recently!
I have made a couple of these little coin purses, which are a great size, I use mine for my change, cash and loyalty cards!

Today I started experimenting with large wash bags... I love a box style wash bag as it allows you to open it nice and wide to look at all your girly beautifying products inside!
I first made the faux leather wash bag below, and also included my name label, this time as a tab which you can use to help open the bag! I really love the look of this wash bag .. however I was winging the size and therefore made it a bit too high and a bit too short ...

Next I edited my paper patterns and added a bit there and took away a bit here and voila ... one very boxy, nice and big wash bag!

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